Rattanakosin Pod Duang with Tri symbol

pod duang Rattanakosin tripod duang rattanakosin chakra


This pod duang (bullet coin) comes from the early Rattanakosin period from the reign of King Rama I (1737 – 1809) of the Chakri dynasty. The two symbols represent the Chakri dynasty and this coin was likely manufactured sometime between 1782 – 1785. The second symbol, the chakra, has 6 blades surrounding a circle and is of Indian origin. The first picture shows a tri symbol which represents a trident. To the extent that I trust my scale, this pod duang weighs about 20 grams. I do have trouble distinguishing real from counterfeit pod duang. It seems experts can differentiate the two by how the coins are struck, and indications may be made by looking at the folds of the coin. Clear hammer strikes are visible as well as some wear. Looking at comparison pictures along with the bottom of the pod duang pictured below I’m not at the point where I can say it’s one or the other. Thinking back I believe I bought this piece from a small dealer in northern Thailand.

pod duang Rattanakosin tri and chakra 1


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